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The Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Florida Forever grant program was created by the 2008 Legislature and is administered by Florida Communities Trust. To fund the program, the Legislature provided 2.5 percent of the total Florida Forever program appropriation, which at the current level provides $7.5 million annually to the program.  Grant funds will be used to acquire a parcel(s) of land directly used for the purposes of the commercial harvest of marine organisms or saltwater products by state-licensed commercial fishermen, aqua culturists, or business entities, including piers, wharves, docks, or other facilities operated to provide waterfront access to licensed commercial fishermen, aqua culturists, or business entities.  The funds may also be used for the acquisition of a parcel(s) of land used for exhibitions, demonstrations, educational venues, civic events, and other purposes that promote and educate the public about economic, cultural, and historic heritage of Florida's traditional working waterfronts, including the marketing of the seafood and aquaculture industries.  Florida's commercial fishing industry has faced a number of challenges in recent years, from hurricane damage to soaring fuel prices. Despite these challenges, Florida fishermen continue to persevere. To learn more about Florida's hardworking and dedicated fisherman and the working waterfronts and fishing communities they represent, please visit the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Working Waterfronts website


Sebastian Working Waterfronts Collaborative: Located along the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, this two-acre property represents a public/private partnership between the City of Sebastian and Fisherman's Landing Sebastian, a nonprofit working waterfront organization, consisting of a group of local fishermen. The plan of this project linked several parcels together to educate the public about the commercial fishing heritage of the community through a retail/wholesale seafood house, exhibitions, educational venues and events.  Florida Communities Trust awarded more than $3.1 million in Florida Forever funds for the acquisition and the City of Sebastian initially contributed more than $351,000 in local match. Ultimately, the City has contributed more than $750,000 to the project.





The City of Sebastian is well into the process of creating a "working waterfront" on the Indian River. The project is now named "Fisherman's Landing Sebastian". The main building in the project, originally known at “Hurricane Harbor” has been restored to include a large, working wholesale/retail fish market an eatery and a waterfront museum featuring Sebastian fishing history. Construction is underway (November 2015) to restore and rebuild the fish piers and fish house as well as installation of boardwalks along the River...


The last phase of the project to begin in 2016 will include the addition of an icehouse, viewing pond and waterfront restoration. When completed, "Fisherman's Landing" will be a major tourist destination on the Treasure Coast. In a picture format, the slide show at the top of this page details the progress of the “working waterfront” project through January 2016.




The City of Sebastian has setup a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) that encompasses the waterfront district along Indian River Drive and the major business district on US Route 1.


The purpose of the CRA is to create a separate taxing district to fund improvements within the CRA such as the recent Main Street Project at Indian River Drive and the "working waterfront" which includes a landmark building on the waterfront and a working fishing pier and fish processing operation.


Other CRA improvements include many amenities in Riverview Park and associated boat and car parking. Recently major improvements were made to the Sebastian Yacht Club facility including a new building and boat ramp improvements.


In the near future, plans are being made to improve the landscaping, parking and signage on US Route 1 as well as provide more parking and other amenities on Indian River Drive.

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