Why Retire Here....



Finding the perfect retirement location is critical and many considerations go into choosing the right place.


Well, here in Sebastian we want to help with that decision and have provided information on key elements as another way that demonstrates how “easy” retirement is in Sebastian. Sebastian offers an ideal retirement location in Florida.


Here in Sebastian, you won’t find traffic jams, congestion and over development like other parts of Florida. You’ll find a high quality of life for a reasonable cost of living that can truly make your retirement easy. In your Sebastian retirement, you will find many activities available, especially for those who enjoy entertainment, fishing, golf, tennis, sports, flying and a lifestyle that is unmatchable. Come visit Sebastian. We are sure you’ll want to experience paradise.







The US Census estimate of Florida population in 2014 was 19,893,297, the third most populous state in the nation. The median age is 40.7, somewhat higher than the national average. Some 18% of the Florida population is over 65.  27% is in the 45-64 range and 34% is in the 18-44 range.


Part of Florida's geographic diversity is derived from its unusual physical shape. The State is both long and wide. It takes a day to drive from Pensacola to Key West.  Florida is the 22nd largest state and has the longest coastline in the contiguous states. It also has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico


According to Zillow, a nationally recognized real estate statistics firm, Florida'201615 "Zillow Home Value Index" wa$189,500,0, an increase o9.4%5% ove2015.4.  Sebastian's "Zillow Home Value Index" fo20161isa$168,700,0, u9%3% fro2015.4.Click herece to see more Zillow real estate statistics.


Florida has an extremely low state/local tax burden. Florida has no state income tax or inheritance tax.


Florida has “Homestead Protection. What’s that?  Florida residents are protected by the Florida Constitution from losing their home to a creditor or any type of lien except a mortgage. In other words, it is very difficult for any creditor to take your residence.



Florida has a homestead exemption for a residents primary home. This exemption is on the first $50,000 of assessed value of the residence for all taxing districts except a school district, which is $25,000.




Sebastian, Florida has a low property tax rate. The City finances are in excellent condition.


Many cities and towns in Florida and across the nation are in deep financial trouble.  Sebastian is fortunate to have a low debt load, a higher than required cash reserve and low taxes.


The City has an A+ credit rating from Standard and Poors. Sebastian has a cash reserve of just over $5 million which is almost twice what the State requires. The City debt as of the last audit (2014) was $7.9 million. The debt consists of revenue bonds or short term borrowing that is paid by tax revenue from gas and sales tax as well as stormwater fee revenue. No debt payment comes from the City property taxes.


Unlike many other Florida cities, Sebastian is not burdened with any large unfunded pension liabilities. The police pension system is funded to 92.2% as of September 2014. The liability is $744,000. This is considered extremely low in Florida cities.



For complete information about City of Sebastian finances, click here to view the latest complete audit report as well as previous year's financials.


With all these positive financial indicators, consider Sebastian, Florida as your ideal place to retire.


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